Sunday, August 2, 2009

Simple Cattle Panel Shelter

Ah... it's Fall and love is in the air. Or will be soon, so we need to get seperate quarters for the boys and girls or else we'll have a kitchen full of lambs mid-winter. Last weekend I hauled two dog kennels (the 6 foot tall chain link ones) out to the chosen spot and set them up. That was quite a work out! Today I had planned to put up one of those quick shelters with cattle panels and a tarp. I carted the panels home from TSC, connected them together with plastic zip ties and neatly bowed the panels into a shelter. Except for that last part. Because they are much heavier than they seem at first. I did manage to get myself under the center of the panels, which was pointless because I'm short and even with my arms fully extended I couldn't create a bow in the panels. This is definately a two person job. Putting the tarp on wasn't really easier either. I need to go buy some grommets for the tarp so I can finish up the job. Now I'm wondering if it is all that great of an idea. I was hoping that the ewes could stay in there through the fall and then move back to the wooden shelters with the boys for breeding. We also have a lot of fence to put up and my little cart for the ATV is broken. I drove an hour today to buy a new, bigger one. But when I got home hubby noticed that one of the wheels is wonky, so it needs to go back. And I forgot to turn in my homework yesterday. It's been a long day.