Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waiting Impatiently

I'm waiting impatiently for this years lambs. Lily and Tutu both look very close. Officially their due date was yesterday. We are expecting a storm tomorrow evening so I was hoping that they would lamb today. But, no dice. I'm on call this week and worked most of last weekend. I didn't even get my homework done. Actually the last two classes I have taken I have given myself permission to skip an assignment. In both classes I ended up with an A- instead of an A, and I considered it worth it. Good enough is good enough, I tell myself in an effort to remain sane.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Readings

I just finished reading Hannah Tinti's novel "The Good Thief". This was an interesting read featuring a orphan raised by Monks and then recruited by hustlers to be a pickpocket and serve as a distraction from their scams. The young boys desperate attempts to determine his own allegiances combine with hard descriptions of gritty yet appealing characters and the ugly situations they find themselves in to create a surprisingly touching story. My school work has limited my reading, but this book was worth losing a little sleep to read.

On the home front, the chickens are laying more eggs than we can eat. The sheep are due any day now and we are excited to meet our new lambs. Aiden and Woolson (the ram) have been moved into the bachelor pad and aren't really happy with being separated from the girls. The weather has been beautiful, but storms are moving in tonight. I have a lot of fencing to do to get the new pasture ready for the sheep.