Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Problem with Chickens

When we moved to our little bit of land a few miles out of the city we also had to move my daughter to a new school. D was in first grade and had a very close friend and I felt very guilty for pulling them apart. I knew that life out of the suburban gray would be better for all of us, but it's still difficult to watch your baby lose their friend. To highlight the positives, we promised her chickens. Okay, so most 6 year old girls probably wouldn't dare touch a chicken. But she loves chickens like most little girls love kittens. The problem with chickens is that we can't seem to manage to keep them alive very long. I want very much to free range the chickens, but one by one they didn't return to the roost. Every one that went missing brought tears from my little girl. So now, they are locked up. I hate that they can't free range. So, my winter project is to build a better mouse trap... er, chicken palace.