Saturday, June 5, 2010

Catching up

I awoke one morning to three solid black lambs. All were still wet, so I assigned them to ewes and put them in jugs. (I could have gotten the wrong lambs with the wrong mom - but I don't think anyone minds.) Lily had two black lambs, a ewe and a ram who have been named Chip and Salsa. Tutu gave us a black ewe lamb, dubbed Solo.
A few weeks later, Baagonia surprised me with two black lambs with faery kisses on their foreheads. Melba and Mulligan tipped the scale at a mere four pounds - half the weight of the smallest of the other three lambs. After a few shakey days of both lambs becoming increasingly gaunt in spite of supplemental bottle feeding, they are now active, curious lambs. We are continuing to offer a supplemental bottle, which I enjoy as much as the lambs.

The human daughters are gone for the next couple of weeks on part one of their summer world tour. My son got a trip to the circus today as a consolation prize. The circus has come a long way since I was a kid - although I have to admit I prefer the old fashioned midway.

There weren't any lambs in the circus. Maybe I could train Melba and Mulligan up and hit the road...

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