Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DC 2010

I'm out in DC picking up the girls. We had a great visit to the Baltimore Aquarium It's amazing. Of course, I find myself thinking about the engineering that must have gone into the multi-story building full of aquariums... Lighting conditions in aquariums are always difficult, leaving me wishing for a higher quality camera. The kids had a great time. Me too.

We enjoyed lunch on the patio overlooking the bay. I've never cared much for cities, but this was a nice way to spend the day. The weather was beautiful. I wish we had time to ride the paddleboats - maybe next time. After lunch we went back to the aquarium to see the Jellyfish Invasion exhibit and the rainforest. Impressive and lots of fun!

Then we hopped up to Hersey, Pennsylvania - the sweetest place on earth. I wasn't aware that there was an entire amusement park based on CHOCOLATE. Like a dream come true... And to top it off the park houses some really great coasters. Fahrenheit is the best coaster I have been on, bar none. We also went to Hersey Gardens and the Story of Hersey. The garden was nice. Lots of interesting things for the kids.

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